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Fish Farms In Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach may be a tourist destination, but it’s a better host for the Daytona 500 than for fishing. Daytona farms primary feature bass, tilapia, and redclaw crawfish. Tilapia is the most common choice for commercial fish farms and hatcheries that raise fish for human consumption.

Tilapia is a fast growing, quick reproducing fish that thrives in a closed environment, such as the ponds in a fish farm. Unlike carnivorous fish like trout or salmon, farming tilapia puts less strain on the environment due to the feeding habits of the fish.

Salmon and trout require wild fish to be caught to be used as a food source. This impacts the environment as those fish are no longer available as a food source for other fish and animals in the area. Tilapia, on the other hand, will feed off algae that grows naturally in the ponds and tanks used in fish farming.

This makes tilapia a more natural and easy fish to farm, and is the least expensive type of edible fish to be raised in an aquaculture setting.

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