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Growth In Popularity of Aquaculture

It’s estimated that more than 40% of the fish consumed each year come from fish farms. Aquaculture farms are growing at a rate 3 times that of traditional farms. At this rate, some network should make a reality show about fish farming; maybe it can even star Snooki from Jersey Shore.

Breeding and farming fish is still a relatively new industry. Like any new developments, things can always be fined tuned and made more efficient. Traditional livestock has been farmed for thousands of years where fish farming has only been operating for about 30 years.

There are several factors of fish farming that could stand to be improved. Two big ones are contamination and feed. Contamination is common in the small ponds and tanks used to hold the fish. Contamination leads to disease and infection that kills the fish prematurely. Feeding the fish, especially the carnivorous ones, is also proving to be difficult. Often times, smaller fish need to be caught in the wild to be used as feed.

Feed is still the hottest topic when it comes to scaling up fish farms, but environmental impact is still a concern. Local environments tend to me less impacted by fish farming than by commercial fishing. Compared to meat production, aquaculture has a much lower environmental impact.

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