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Licenses/Permits/Certificates for a New Farm?

When starting a fish farm, it’s important to follow the laws, and that starts with getting your license. Luckily, getting your fish farm license is quicker than getting the quickest non owner SR22 insurance quote.

Arguably, the hardest part is figuring out what the licenses and permits are required your state. For example, in Wisconsin, you need to first register your fish farm, which is similar to registering a business. After that, you may need an environmental permit, depending on how you structure your farm. However, in Florida, you need an Aquaculture Certificate.

To find out which license or permits you need, first check with your secretary of state. A quick search on your state’s website should reveal what kind of license and registration you need from a business stand point. Then, follow up with the agriculture and wildlife department, the same department that generally issues standing fishing licenses. They may require additional license or specific permits depending on how the farm is structured.

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