Conferencia Peces Nativos Latin American Conference on Culture of Native Fish

The Business of Fish Farming

After you make your stock selections, transfer your hoard of crytpo-currencies to your favorite bitcoin paper wallet, and tucked your gold coins securely in your safe, you might still be wondering what investment opportunities you have left. Fish farming just might be the solution to your investment goals after all.

Fish farming is a profitable business that pairs well with traditional crop farming. Most farms need large water supplies to begin with. By adding fish, like tilapia, to your water tanks, you not only increase your revenue by raising fish that can be sold in markets and to restaurants, but the fish waste also acts as a fertilizer.

With a filtration system, the tilapia tank water can be used for any purpose, the waste can be collected and used for fertilizer, and the fish can be sold for a profit. The food source of tilapia is often the algae that grows naturally in the tank requiring very little overhead for the additional income.

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